Bringing back #miraclemonday this week! I hardly have any photos from active addiction because when I got sober I went through everything and deleted most of them. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. Now, I wish I would have never deleted those. They serve as a great reminder of how dang hard I’ve worked to get where I am today, they serve as a reminder of what alcohol does to me and where it takes me, and they serve as some great inspiration to others. The photo on the left was from the day I ended up in the hospital with a BAC of .741… You are probably wondering how I am still alive.. good question. That particular day started just as it appears, soaking up the sun hanging out by the pool. On that particular day I was actually supposed to be job searching but didn’t feel like it so the pool sounded like a better choice. That day ended with me waking up in the hospital after I decided at some point during the day to go to the dollar tree and buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol with the change I found in my apartment and drink every last drop of it. I got out of the hospital later that night only to go home and drink more the next day……. There is hope and there is a way out. You’ve got to want it. I share this photo during active addiction along with this story because there is a whole hell of a lot more behind that woman you see on the right. Don’t forget where you came from🖤


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