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Did you crave how alcohol tasted or did you crave how alcohol made you feel??? One of the biggest misconceptions in early sobriety is in regards to ‘cravings’. Some of my most frequently asked questions are when will these cravings stop, when will I be able to pass a gas station or aisle in the grocery store without wanting to stop and buy something, I just want the cravings to stop….. Well, it’s complicated. There isn’t an exact date or timeline that cravings go away. Because let’s be real was it really the taste we were addicted to or were we addicted to the escape avenue and the way alcohol/drugs made us feel? So to answer the questions of when the cravings go away…. when you have taken the time to work on yourself, appreciate and accept real raw emotions and feelings, love yourself, and learn to live life on life’s terms. Everything in life, everything in sobriety, takes work! There isn’t a set time line or standard for anything. Be patient and take it one day at a time!!! 💗


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