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The weekend comes and goes faster than you can blink your eyes. Looking back on this weekend, I can’t help but smile about the progress I’ve made in recovery. Something happened Saturday night that had it happened 4 years ago during active addiction I would have would have been out of sorts and freaking out. It’s taken me a long time but one of the best things I’ve learned in recovery is to not take life so seriously and to not get worked up over small things. So on Saturday night we were on our way to a wedding, in which we had to stop by Target to grab a gift bag real quick. I was designated to run in and pick it up. The moment I walked in the store my dress ripped straight up the back a little bit below my butt. With each step I took the more it ripped. I froze in place and didn’t even know what to do. I couldn’t hide it and we were in a hurry so I had no choice but to run grab the bag, checkout, and get the heck out of there. I’m standing at the self checkout looking at the video surveillance screen and can see the people busting out laughing behind me. By this point, my dress is ripped almost to my butt cheeks. I finished up and ran out of the store. Thankfully we weren’t too far from the house, so we ran back home I threw on another dress and the night carried on. Before recovery I would have lost my sh*t and most likely would have ended up staying at home. I suffer from severe anxiety, alcohol use to be my self soothing medication. It has taken a lot of time to live life on life’s terms and learn to go with the flow. That’s why they say it’s progress not perfection!


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