Never in a million years did I think my story would touch so many people and it would turn into my purpose and passion in life. I started this blog 10 months ago with the game plan of giving the littlest insight of my struggles with alcoholism, and giving the biggest insight and highlighting my love for fashion and home decorating. Boy was I wrong but boy am I forever grateful.

My blog is now ALL ABOUT addiction with a touch of fashion and decor. I still try to highlight my love for fashion but with a deep raw personalization of real life experiences with my struggles through active addiction and my journey through recovery.

It has been a long time since I’ve introduced myself and with so many new awesome things coming to The Sober Style, I thought what better time than now! So here are the deets: The name is Abigail Lalumandier, I am 25 years old (dob- 06/06/93), but more importantly my SOBRIETY DATE is 06/09/2015! My better half is Timothy and we have a dog son named Tucker Reece AKA Tucky. My mother Debra and father Sam saved my life through tough love.

Some insight on my story: I have been to jail twice but never experienced legal issues as all charges were dropped. I have been to two rehabs. Relapsed after both. I have lived at two sober living houses. Relapsed after my first stay and have been sober since the second stay. At some of my lowest point during active addiction I resorted to drinking bottles of rubbing alcohol. I only say that because for so long I didn’t see hope in recovering because I believed I was alone in going that low and experiencing this. Come to find out, I wasn’t. So for that reason I will always share it.

If you don’t take anything else away from my rant just know, recovery is freaking possible and it’s so dang amazing!

Stay tuned for crazy exciting things to come to The Sober Style. I just received a HUGE shipment of something I am about to launch, I am obsessed and can’t wait to share with you all!!!!



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