Top | Shorts | Blazer | Sunglasses

All I ever wanted was to be proud of the woman I saw in the mirror. I spent years hating myself and believed I was going to find my solution at the bottom of every bottle of wine, vodka bottle, perfume bottle, bottle of rubbing alcohol…. That’s how far and deep I searched. I looked in all of the wrong places when I held the solution the whole time. The solution lied within me, I just had to want it. I had to want to learn how to love myself and put the work in to value myself for exactly who I was. In the beginning of sobriety I would have told you that looking for my solution at the bottom of bottles was easier. My determination and perseverance were the only things that kept me going one day at a time.  Here I am now proud as hell of the woman I see in the mirror. Trust me, we do recover!!


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