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The two looks I give people that tell me I will fail without AA. The first look of uhh I respect you but you sound crazy as sh*t. & The second look smiling back at them like look at me now.

I am here to say that you CAN stay sober and live a beautiful life in recovery outside of the rooms of AA/NA. Just smile and walk away from the ones that say you will fail if you leave the rooms. Do what works for you and always remember THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO RECOVER!!



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  1. Daniel Contreras says

    Hey thanks for explaining this ! I tried AA my first 60days of sobriety, then I stopped I was overwhelmed with heavy criticism from others in AA ! Made me second guess the whole AA world. But I’m still sober without AA. Anyways thanks so much for your breakdown of it for us who don’t feel AA necessary. Makes us feel better! And my sister and I love your fashion page ! Thanks so much and god bless

  2. Chris Dahlgaard says

    I have been sober for over 9 years a couple of years ago I stopped using my sponsor because he would get mad at me if I didn’t go to at least 4 meetings a week. Now I have no sponsor and I go to one meeting per week and volunteer every other Tuesday morning at a detox center. It works for me. I totally agree with you though. I didn’t get sober to sit in meetings talking about drinking.

  3. Amy says

    I just found your instagram and thank you so much for this!! I have been sober since 12/13/2018 and I have been in and out of the rooms. My first time going to AA was right out of rehab, I was so scared about living a life in the real world without alcohol, so I did exactly what the counselors in treatment told me to do, went to meetings, got a sponsor and did 90 meetings in 90 days. I never really felt comfortable in meetings, but I still went. This first sponsor ended being extremely judgmental and extremely overbearing, not my style. I had to part ways with her after a few months, and even block her from contacting me because she would not leave me alone. I stopped going to meetings at this time, but never picked up a drink, this was in around March of 2019. At the end of 2019 I decided to give AA another try, I was still struggling emotionally, I found another sponsor who ended up to be great, but she was extremely busy with two little ones and then COVID -19 hit. We stayed in touch for a little bit during quarantine, but have not really been in contact for a few months, and that’s ok, we all have a lot going on. When I went back to AA the second time, it was the same, even worse, I felt very judged. One woman even said to me that she couldn’t believe that I was able to stay sober for all the time I had without AA, and she knew someone who committed suicide in sobriety while not going to AA. That comment was it for me. People in the rooms were also quick to voice their negative opinions about the fact that I got engaged right out of rehab, what people don’t know is, without my husband, I would probably be dead. He is my biggest supporter. I stopped putting so much pressure on myself thinking AA is the only answer. I have a great family, support system, a small group of friends from rehab, and a therapist who I trust. I also use some of the AA principles, just tailor them, so they work for me. I am sorry this is so long! But I needed to get this out, it’s been therapeutic. Congrats on your sobriety!!!

  4. Gemma says

    If you don’t use AA as a tool for recovery then can you please remove the big book from your stack of books on your homepage?