DIY Moss Bowl

Hi y’all!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Below I have linked everything you need to recreate your very own designer dupe moss bowl! Pick the bowl of your choice, the item labeled “moss” will be your base moss that you use, and all of the others are just extras you will do the top with.

Start off with filling the bowl with any loose newspaper, trash (lol) or packing fluffer.

Next, take your sheet moss and cover the entire perimeter of the top of the bowl. Use hot glue around the inner part of the bowl to get the moss to stick.

Once you have the sheet of moss attached to the bowl with hot glue, you can now start hot gluing variety moss pieces to the top of your sheet of moss to give dimension to your bowl. I picked out a variety of colors of additional moss and started hot gluing pieces down until the entire bowl was covered. There is not a science or method to this, just keep adding pieces until you are happy with the overall look. You can use small pieces to fill in any holes.

And BAM just like that you have an awesome new moss bowl for your home. A piece like this is so versatile

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