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The two looks I give people that tell me I will fail without AA. The first look of uhh I respect you but you sound crazy as sh*t. & The second look smiling back at them like look at me now.

I am here to say that you CAN stay sober and live a beautiful life in recovery outside of the rooms of AA/NA. Just smile and walk away from the ones that say you will fail if you leave the rooms. Do what works for you and always remember THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO RECOVER!!



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I can assure you that no one was dying to kiss me during active addiction. More like they took off running the other way, lol! This right here though is one of the best perks of recovery, knowing that humans & dogs truly love the person you have become and want to give you thousands of kisses. 🙂



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Grateful for my recovery and the sense of peace it has brought me. One thing I struggled with at the beginning of sobriety was accepting the fact that just because I got sober didn’t mean “bad” things happened to me. After a lot of work and months in the program I realized what recovery had really brought me. It brought me the tools and basically cast a spell of peacefulness over me. Those “bad” things still happened, I just had the resources and calmness to deal with them. A couple of weeks ago I had a couple scary health concerns come up; my white blood count was very low, a steady low-grade fever, and arthritis in my blood. I was referred to a rheumatologist and am now being tested for lupus. Yes, it can be scary to not know what is wrong with you and what your future holds but I’m at peace and know that I’m in great hands and we will get to the bottom of this and it’s just another turn the road. Without recovery I’d be freaking the eff out and would be wondering why all of these “bad” things could happen to me since I’m sober…..


Sober Saturday’s are probably my fav day of the week and it just got that much better with my new #soberlife shirt. All smiles because almost 4 years ago everyone had given up on me and was just waiting to receive the call that I had died. Forever grateful that I got a second shot at life. We do recover and we are miracles. I never take a day for granted and I strive to give back what was so freely given to me. Have you seen my new Sober Life shirts!? They contain all kinds of words that describe individuals in recover like; fighter, serenity, clarity, aware, persistence, abstinence, freedom, and so many more beautiful words. They are $19.95 + shipping. Message me for more details. I hope you all have a fabulous Sober Saturday night. XOXO



So dang happy and obsessed with how these shirts turned out. I hope you all love them as much as I do! Message me to order. $19.95 + shipping.  I will invoice you and mail the shirt right out to you!! Following my dreams has never felt so good. Sobriety has made this all possible. #wedorecover


you would have thought I would have learned to not fall for this after my first dinner trip ending at a detox center/psych ward. they may have successfully gotten me to these places but they didn’t successfully keep me sober because I wasn’t doing it for myself and I didn’t want it.



my mom thought she could help keep me sober by taking away all of my credit cards, debit cards, and cash. what she didn’t know was I had a coin jar hidden in my room. and that coin jar bought me bottles of rubbing alcohol.  she thought she was helping me by taking away all of my money but it only made me resort to much worse things than typical liquor. the point is… you can’t keep someone sober.


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All I ever wanted was to be proud of the woman I saw in the mirror. I spent years hating myself and believed I was going to find my solution at the bottom of every bottle of wine, vodka bottle, perfume bottle, bottle of rubbing alcohol…. That’s how far and deep I searched. I looked in all of the wrong places when I held the solution the whole time. The solution lied within me, I just had to want it. I had to want to learn how to love myself and put the work in to value myself for exactly who I was. In the beginning of sobriety I would have told you that looking for my solution at the bottom of bottles was easier. My determination and perseverance were the only things that kept me going one day at a time.  Here I am now proud as hell of the woman I see in the mirror. Trust me, we do recover!!


Never in a million years did I think my story would touch so many people and it would turn into my purpose and passion in life. I started this blog 10 months ago with the game plan of giving the littlest insight of my struggles with alcoholism, and giving the biggest insight and highlighting my love for fashion and home decorating. Boy was I wrong but boy am I forever grateful.

My blog is now ALL ABOUT addiction with a touch of fashion and decor. I still try to highlight my love for fashion but with a deep raw personalization of real life experiences with my struggles through active addiction and my journey through recovery.

It has been a long time since I’ve introduced myself and with so many new awesome things coming to The Sober Style, I thought what better time than now! So here are the deets: The name is Abigail Lalumandier, I am 25 years old (dob- 06/06/93), but more importantly my SOBRIETY DATE is 06/09/2015! My better half is Timothy and we have a dog son named Tucker Reece AKA Tucky. My mother Debra and father Sam saved my life through tough love.

Some insight on my story: I have been to jail twice but never experienced legal issues as all charges were dropped. I have been to two rehabs. Relapsed after both. I have lived at two sober living houses. Relapsed after my first stay and have been sober since the second stay. At some of my lowest point during active addiction I resorted to drinking bottles of rubbing alcohol. I only say that because for so long I didn’t see hope in recovering because I believed I was alone in going that low and experiencing this. Come to find out, I wasn’t. So for that reason I will always share it.

If you don’t take anything else away from my rant just know, recovery is freaking possible and it’s so dang amazing!

Stay tuned for crazy exciting things to come to The Sober Style. I just received a HUGE shipment of something I am about to launch, I am obsessed and can’t wait to share with you all!!!!



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The weekend comes and goes faster than you can blink your eyes. Looking back on this weekend, I can’t help but smile about the progress I’ve made in recovery. Something happened Saturday night that had it happened 4 years ago during active addiction I would have would have been out of sorts and freaking out. It’s taken me a long time but one of the best things I’ve learned in recovery is to not take life so seriously and to not get worked up over small things. So on Saturday night we were on our way to a wedding, in which we had to stop by Target to grab a gift bag real quick. I was designated to run in and pick it up. The moment I walked in the store my dress ripped straight up the back a little bit below my butt. With each step I took the more it ripped. I froze in place and didn’t even know what to do. I couldn’t hide it and we were in a hurry so I had no choice but to run grab the bag, checkout, and get the heck out of there. I’m standing at the self checkout looking at the video surveillance screen and can see the people busting out laughing behind me. By this point, my dress is ripped almost to my butt cheeks. I finished up and ran out of the store. Thankfully we weren’t too far from the house, so we ran back home I threw on another dress and the night carried on. Before recovery I would have lost my sh*t and most likely would have ended up staying at home. I suffer from severe anxiety, alcohol use to be my self soothing medication. It has taken a lot of time to live life on life’s terms and learn to go with the flow. That’s why they say it’s progress not perfection!