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Stop running from everything and everyone for once and deal with sh*t. I read a post the other day that was just too good not to share, it went like this…. “You can eat the kale. Drink the alkaline water. Take the supplements. Do yoga. But if you don’t deal with the sh*t going on in your heart and head you’re still unhealthy.” Alcohol used to be my solution to not having to deal with things internally. When I put down the bottle I moved to exercise. Working out became my escape and I still wasn’t dealing with anything. It was a little over a year into sobriety until I truly realized what I was doing and actually made some changes to start dealing with internal issues I had been neglecting for years. Thank gosh recovery is progress not perfection.


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I never imagined I would be spending my weekends stone cold sober but here I am doing it and loving it!! Hope you all have a fabulous sober Saturday loves!


The day is here, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to an end for the year. Sadly these shoes are sold out in all but one size, but there are so many great items to choose from! I am dragging Tim one last time to Nordstrom’s today to take one last glance and pick up anything that catches our eye. I have linked all outfit details below! I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday and stay tune for real life real talk tonight <3

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