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I can assure you that no one was dying to kiss me during active addiction. More like they took off running the other way, lol! This right here though is one of the best perks of recovery, knowing that humans & dogs truly love the person you have become and want to give you thousands of kisses. 🙂



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Grateful for my recovery and the sense of peace it has brought me. One thing I struggled with at the beginning of sobriety was accepting the fact that just because I got sober didn’t mean “bad” things happened to me. After a lot of work and months in the program I realized what recovery had really brought me. It brought me the tools and basically cast a spell of peacefulness over me. Those “bad” things still happened, I just had the resources and calmness to deal with them. A couple of weeks ago I had a couple scary health concerns come up; my white blood count was very low, a steady low-grade fever, and arthritis in my blood. I was referred to a rheumatologist and am now being tested for lupus. Yes, it can be scary to not know what is wrong with you and what your future holds but I’m at peace and know that I’m in great hands and we will get to the bottom of this and it’s just another turn the road. Without recovery I’d be freaking the eff out and would be wondering why all of these “bad” things could happen to me since I’m sober…..


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My recovery toolbox is a lot like my style. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mixing animal prints and stripes like I mix AA literature and Instagram’s online sober community. I choose my outfits that fit my style just like I choose the tools I use that work for me and my recovery. There is more than one way to recover. Do what works for you.


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Real raw active addiction flashback: I had another caption written out for this photo until I started to stare at this image and a flashback hit me full force. It’s memories like these that I play through that serve as my daily reminders why I will never ever be able to drink again. So in this photo please take a look at these blue glass canisters and use them as a reference point in my flashback I am about to share…

My parents had tried to kick me out of their house a few nights before this flashback, they even called the police on me because I wouldn’t leave to only find out that they had to give me a 30 day vacate letter by law. They couldn’t even kick me out of their house when they wanted to, so crazy! So on this particular day my mom had locked me out of the house because I was out of this world intoxicated and her day care parents were about to come to pick up their kids from the house. I was irate and wasn’t going to give up on getting back into the house. I got in the hot tub for a short bit until I decided to get out of the hot tub, pick up not one but two glass canisters (just like the ones in this photo) that were on the outdoor coffee table and throw them as hard as I could at the back glass door. The canisters shattered in front of my eyes but the door stood tall in one single piece…… Just as I was grabbing my next object to chunk at the door my parents flung open the door and came out running.

And that is exactly where my flashback ends. These bits and pieces of flashbacks remind just what alcohol does to me and what I will go back to with one drink. People look at me now and say I would have never imagined that you went through any of that or did any of that. Well I did and will do it again if I do not remain sober. I share these raw moments of my active addiction because you never know who might need to hear something they relate to.


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Just a little glimpse of me in my element. Hobbies are imperative to my recovery. Too much down time only means too much damn time in my head. Which is a terrible place to be… It’s all about that balanced lifestyle… S to y’all this is just some photos of a lady messing with some colorful outdoor pillows. To me this is SO much more, this is photos of me in my serene element doing what I love most. Decorating is like therapy to me. It allows me to escape, clear my mind, but stay busy and creative all at the same time. So what is one of my top tips to someone in recovery? Find a hobby that you love and get busy!




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sometimes I look in the mirror and can not only feel how far I have come but I can see how far I have come and I can not help but smirk and think about the guys that called me piggy in middle school and high school. at the time it hurt like hell and led to a decade of self-image issues which turned into my battle with alcoholism. but look at me now. alive and thriving. you all didn’t break me. you don’t own that kind of power.


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Did you crave how alcohol tasted or did you crave how alcohol made you feel??? One of the biggest misconceptions in early sobriety is in regards to ‘cravings’. Some of my most frequently asked questions are when will these cravings stop, when will I be able to pass a gas station or aisle in the grocery store without wanting to stop and buy something, I just want the cravings to stop….. Well, it’s complicated. There isn’t an exact date or timeline that cravings go away. Because let’s be real was it really the taste we were addicted to or were we addicted to the escape avenue and the way alcohol/drugs made us feel? So to answer the questions of when the cravings go away…. when you have taken the time to work on yourself, appreciate and accept real raw emotions and feelings, love yourself, and learn to live life on life’s terms. Everything in life, everything in sobriety, takes work! There isn’t a set time line or standard for anything. Be patient and take it one day at a time!!! 💗


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I don’t think there is anything better than a Sunny Sober Saturday!! Beautiful life & beautiful day! Spending the day with family out in the sunshine before Tim and I head to Hawaii on Monday! WOO!


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#welchdownwednesday ladies & gents! Routine is key for my sobriety. Is it for you!? It keeps my mind clear, my life organized, and allows me to stay in the right lane for my recovery. Wednesday nights are my nights. No one is home so the house is quiet as a mouse and I am able to get SO much done. I race home to jump into my favorite pajamas, whip out my computer, and pour myself a glass of sparkling juice. Every single Wednesday. I use these nights to plan, journal, meditate, organize, and relax. Life is crazy y’all and if I don’t take some ‘me’ time to get organized and stay organized I will end up completely overwhelmed and filled with loads of anxiety. Not a good place to be. So sober cheers to routine and an organized hump day to each one of you!!!