Thinking about wearing this hat 24/7 so it can be a constant reminder not only to myself but to everyone else to just be nice. Starting this week off making it my priority to be consciously aware of my comments and thoughts. If I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. If my thoughts aren’t so nice then smash it. This goes right in line with my some of my ugly character defects and I have to work on this daily. This is what most don’t understand just because you remove the alcohol doesn’t mean your character defects are corrected. This is where the work comes in. And believe me the work never stops if you want to keep bettering yourself. Happy Sober Sunday and I hope everyone strives to be nice this week!! XOXO


Did you ever have those moments when you were at some of your lowest of lows in addiction and you would dream of beautiful things and think to yourself no way in heck that would ever happen to you. Those dreams would lead to a deeper depression because your mind was telling you how much of a failure you were and that you would never amount to anything. I never in my wildest dreams thought that sobriety truly would make those beautiful dreams come true. They don’t happen over night and you can’t make them happen. But one day at a time doing the right thing, busting it to better yourself and maintain your sobriety these little miracles start to happen. And before you know it you those crazy wild dreams are becoming your reality. What is in this picture is one of my wild dreams. To find and be with a man who loved me for exactly the woman I am. My Tim and Tucky are my everything❤️



If it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t be where I am today.. While I am not one to say my addiction is the greatest thing to happen to me. I am one to say a second chance at life is the greatest thing to happen to me. I beat death and for so long I didn’t know why. I should of died. But I didn’t. I am here today using my past with addiction to give it my all at a second chance of life and inspire others. #wedorecover