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My recovery toolbox is a lot like my style. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mixing animal prints and stripes like I mix AA literature and Instagram’s online sober community. I choose my outfits that fit my style just like I choose the tools I use that work for me and my recovery. There is more than one way to recover. Do what works for you.


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Just a little glimpse of me in my element. Hobbies are imperative to my recovery. Too much down time only means too much damn time in my head. Which is a terrible place to be… It’s all about that balanced lifestyle… S to y’all this is just some photos of a lady messing with some colorful outdoor pillows. To me this is SO much more, this is photos of me in my serene element doing what I love most. Decorating is like therapy to me. It allows me to escape, clear my mind, but stay busy and creative all at the same time. So what is one of my top tips to someone in recovery? Find a hobby that you love and get busy!




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sometimes I look in the mirror and can not only feel how far I have come but I can see how far I have come and I can not help but smirk and think about the guys that called me piggy in middle school and high school. at the time it hurt like hell and led to a decade of self-image issues which turned into my battle with alcoholism. but look at me now. alive and thriving. you all didn’t break me. you don’t own that kind of power.


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Did you crave how alcohol tasted or did you crave how alcohol made you feel??? One of the biggest misconceptions in early sobriety is in regards to ‘cravings’. Some of my most frequently asked questions are when will these cravings stop, when will I be able to pass a gas station or aisle in the grocery store without wanting to stop and buy something, I just want the cravings to stop….. Well, it’s complicated. There isn’t an exact date or timeline that cravings go away. Because let’s be real was it really the taste we were addicted to or were we addicted to the escape avenue and the way alcohol/drugs made us feel? So to answer the questions of when the cravings go away…. when you have taken the time to work on yourself, appreciate and accept real raw emotions and feelings, love yourself, and learn to live life on life’s terms. Everything in life, everything in sobriety, takes work! There isn’t a set time line or standard for anything. Be patient and take it one day at a time!!! 💗


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I don’t think there is anything better than a Sunny Sober Saturday!! Beautiful life & beautiful day! Spending the day with family out in the sunshine before Tim and I head to Hawaii on Monday! WOO!



Thinking about wearing this hat 24/7 so it can be a constant reminder not only to myself but to everyone else to just be nice. Starting this week off making it my priority to be consciously aware of my comments and thoughts. If I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. If my thoughts aren’t so nice then smash it. This goes right in line with my some of my ugly character defects and I have to work on this daily. This is what most don’t understand just because you remove the alcohol doesn’t mean your character defects are corrected. This is where the work comes in. And believe me the work never stops if you want to keep bettering yourself. Happy Sober Sunday and I hope everyone strives to be nice this week!! XOXO


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I will never be thankful or grateful for being an alcoholic. Because let’s be real, addiction is a b*tch. However, without my struggles I would have never stumbled upon my strengths. And for that I am thankful. I would have never thought I would use the word ‘strong’ to describe myself. Fast forward to a little over 3.5 years into recovery and ‘strong’ is the first word I choose to describe myself. I’ve walked through hell and here I am now shining bright learning just how strong I really am. Sobriety has taught me how to turn those struggles into strengths and to push through no matter what life may throw your way. Get sober and get strong!



Wake up everyday and make it your objective to put as much effort into you and your recovery as you did for that drink/drug. There aren’t any excuses in recovery because we proved every single one of them wrong when we were in active addiction. When it starts to feel hard and days become long, push on. You got this. We are all strong warriors that know the real definition of what a long hard day feels like. Change is possible but it takes work. Get up and go after what you want 🖤🖤 PS- exciting stuff coming your way as @recoveryrockstars and I are doing a podcast tonight on my story. Stay tuned!!


The front entry is one of my favorite areas in our home to look at. This was my old entertainment center that I repurposed to our front entry table. When I moved in with Tim, we both had SO much great furniture that neither one of us wanted to get rid of any of our stuff. I rearranged the house as much as I could to incorporate both of our things but Tim was a great sport and let the decorator take over and sadly some of his things hit the road.

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