Sober Saturday’s are probably my fav day of the week and it just got that much better with my new #soberlife shirt. All smiles because almost 4 years ago everyone had given up on me and was just waiting to receive the call that I had died. Forever grateful that I got a second shot at life. We do recover and we are miracles. I never take a day for granted and I strive to give back what was so freely given to me. Have you seen my new Sober Life shirts!? They contain all kinds of words that describe individuals in recover like; fighter, serenity, clarity, aware, persistence, abstinence, freedom, and so many more beautiful words. They are $19.95 + shipping. Message me for more details. I hope you all have a fabulous Sober Saturday night. XOXO



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I don’t think there is anything better than a Sunny Sober Saturday!! Beautiful life & beautiful day! Spending the day with family out in the sunshine before Tim and I head to Hawaii on Monday! WOO!


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I never imagined I would be spending my weekends stone cold sober but here I am doing it and loving it!! Hope you all have a fabulous sober Saturday loves!


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A Sober Saturday will always lead to a hangover free Sunday and most of the time a very productive one. Both of those things were absolutely out of the question when I was drinking. I used to roll out of bed on a Sunday at about 1 in the afternoon and that was only to find my bottle of liquor to drink myself back to sleep. Over time it wasn’t just my Sunday’s that looked like this. Everyday became this routine. I was only awake long enough to find alcohol and drink until I blacked out again. Doing anything productive was the last thing on my mind. I was only worried about alcohol and surviving. I’m grateful I don’t have to live like that anymore. My Sunday’s look and feel totally different now. I wake up early with a clear fresh mind, tackle all the laundry, hit the grocery store, and whatever other projects I have going on. I use my Sunday’s as my reset days to be ready to go for the week. I love the feeling of going to bed on a Sunday night knowing that is everything is done and I am ready for a bright and early Monday morning. What do your Sunday’s look like!!??


Happy Sober Saturday!! It’s a much needed nice quiet calm day at our house. Enjoying the downtime to recharge for next week. Only thing we have planned for the evening is to watch the Cowboys win💙🏈 what are yalls sober Saturday plans!?!


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What does your Sober Saturday look like!? My sober Saturday’s look a lot different then they did at the very beginning of sobriety. Early sobriety is awkward, uncomfortable and I wasn’t able to just sit in my own skin and enjoy the peace and quiet. All of it took time. So if you’re new to sobriety and feel lost, completely bored, and kind of like you are crawling out of your own skin. That’s normal. I remember those feelings all too well. But just know it gets better and that doesn’t last. It took time and quite frankly awhile before I was able to actually enjoy the peaceful and calmness that a sober Saturday brought. But once you can believe me it’s magical❤️