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walking out of Monday motivated for what is to come. dream big + set goals. crush them. dream bigger + set new goals. reach them and keep going. the more you dream the more there is to come.


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full of smiles and busting out crazy dance moves because well tgif & I’m feeling more alive than ever. if I would have known this is what sober life would be like I would have given it a shot a lot sooner. see society tells us that addiction is the homeless man you see under the bridge and that sobriety is the 62-year-old miserable single cranky old woman. it’s all lies. those examples are the farthest from the truth. sobriety is so so much more than that. sobriety isn’t boring, actually far from that. I am 25, sober, goofy, not single, fun, and happy as a hippy. sobriety has given me everything that alcohol always promised. I hope everyone has a lovely sober weekend!


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sometimes I look in the mirror and can not only feel how far I have come but I can see how far I have come and I can not help but smirk and think about the guys that called me piggy in middle school and high school. at the time it hurt like hell and led to a decade of self-image issues which turned into my battle with alcoholism. but look at me now. alive and thriving. you all didn’t break me. you don’t own that kind of power.


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Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Purse

Sports Bra | Leggings | Sweat Shirt | Tennis Shoes

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Jumpsuit | Jacket | Shoes | Hat | Purse

Top | Jeans | Shoes

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Dress | Heels

Sweat Shirt | Leggings | Shoes

Swim Suit Top | Swim Suit Bottom | Hat

Top | Pants | Heels

Swim Suit Top | Swim Suit Bottom | Hat

Sports Bra | Leggings | Shoes

Romper | Heels

Dress | Jean Jacket | Shoes | Purse

Dress | Sandals

Swim Suit Top | Swim Suit Bottom | Cover Up | Hat

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Happy sober weekend loves! Always remember women change the world. Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. And may we raise them! Happy #internationalwomensday to each and every one of you babes! First and foremost thanks to the strongest most incredible woman I know, my mother; thank you for raising me and being the best role model, but a special thanks for showing tough love when I needed it the most and it ended up saving my life. Thanks to all of  you for inspiring me everyday. Tons of loves to each one of you fab women! I am PROUD! Super proud of all of the women out there kicking a$$ and taking names. I hope everyone has a great sober and safe Friday night!


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Stop running from everything and everyone for once and deal with sh*t. I read a post the other day that was just too good not to share, it went like this…. “You can eat the kale. Drink the alkaline water. Take the supplements. Do yoga. But if you don’t deal with the sh*t going on in your heart and head you’re still unhealthy.” Alcohol used to be my solution to not having to deal with things internally. When I put down the bottle I moved to exercise. Working out became my escape and I still wasn’t dealing with anything. It was a little over a year into sobriety until I truly realized what I was doing and actually made some changes to start dealing with internal issues I had been neglecting for years. Thank gosh recovery is progress not perfection.


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so I’ve heard exercise is a great tool for recovery. well at least I am half way there by dressing the part, right!? it’s all about that progress not perfection. slowly but surely I’ll hop back into the gym. it used to be such a safe place for me and was great at allowing me to clear my mind. my addictive personality runs wild in everything I do or touch in my life. i’m always all in or all out. i over do it and then wear myself out. i recognize this behavior and am taking baby steps into a healthy balanced life. sooner rather than later I hope to be partaking fully in this wonderful tool for my program of recovery. what do you do to clear your mind and live a balanced healthy life?


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#miraclemonday back at it… 25-year-old successful professional vs. 18-year-old lost crazy party girl. This post is for all of the people who told me I was a failure and would never amount to anything. Well look at me now! The best revenge will always be to smile and be happy. Drive ’em crazy and smile at the haters <3


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